Suspended field sprayers with a hydraulic beam of 12 ,15 and 18 m type „X”

Field sprayers are designed for performing applications of plant chemical protection in field crops and also for mineral fertilization of plants with the use of liquid mineral fertilizers. All fertilizers are, as a standard, equipped with:

• Triple filtrating system,
• A little tank for washing hands,
• Chemical products spray nozzle,
• Single housing of atomizers with a cut-off valve,
• A beam raised and unfolded hydraulically.

A hydraulic beam of 12 , 15 and 18 m folded in so-called X can be applied both in a suspended and trailed sprayer. Each machine, as a standard, is equipped with a hydraulic distributor, enabling control of raising and unfolding the cycle.

All trailed sprayers are equipped, as a standard, with a constant pressure valve and Italian pump UDOR with efficiency dependent on the working width. Whereas, in suspended sprayers, there is, as a standard, Polish control valve and pump P 100 (beam of 12 m) or ZETA 100 (beam of 15 m) or ZETA 140 (beam of 18 m) installed.

Likewise it is in sprayers with a beam unfolded manually, the manufacturer offers a wide range of additional equipment.

Technical specification of sprayers with hydraulic boom

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