Trailed Sprayers

Trailed field sprayer is a modern implement employed for performing precise applications of plant protection and fertilizing in field plantations.
The construction of the sprayer enables its easy operation and ensures proper control of the operation during performed applications.
Significant capacity of the tank allows for operation in extensive plantations and gain high operation efficiency. Precise nozzles, control valve,
pump and additional equipment of the machine applied in the sprayer guarantee good quality of performed applications at optimal usage
of plant protection products.

Sprayers are adjusted to be assembled with tractors of suspension system category II or with a lower transportation hitch
(depending on the chosen option).

As a standard, sprayers are equipped with:
• A little tank for washing hands,
• Chemical products spray nozzle,
• Single housing of atomizers with a cut-off valve,
• Hydraulic raising and unfolding of the beam,
• Constant pressure valve ARAG,
• Italian pump UDOR,
• Mechanical stabilization of the beam.

Additionally, sprayers can be equipped with:
• Functional triple spraying heads,
• Tank for rinsing the system,
• Hydraulic stabilization of the beam,
• Torsion hitch,
• Electric control valve ARAG,
• Computer BRAVO by ARAG company,

Unit of solenoid valves used for hydraulic control of the beam.

Technical specification of trailed sprayers with hydraulic boom:

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